Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relocation, Relocation Part Deux

Well, all that planning out my commute over the lovely Fylde lanes was a waste of time, we are still being located but to north Preston.

It is actually the best solution for me really but I feel quite miffed for my colleagues, particularly as the parking/public transport situation is pretty dire. As its about 6 miles from me I will be cycling there everyday though it will be across Preston town centre rather than the lovely fast lanes. The Spesh will be the ideal tool for the job (boo, no fancy road bike) and my waterproofs and panniers are will pay for themselves a hundred times over I think.

I had all sorts of plans for running and there was a sports centre less than a mile away from the other site. So need to think all that out again but don't think my lunchtime run routes will be very inspiring...though may be able to get to track to do intervals etc.

It does now give me the option of being able to to get out towards Longridge (and hills, eek) if I want to take the road bike in I suppose.


  1. The riding out longridge way is amazing!

  2. 6miles sounds ideal. It probably wont take you significantly longer on a bike that it would in a car.

    The main thing(s) that puts me off taking the bike over the car are: Getting out of bed early enough, having to get changed when I get to work/ changed to come home and everything getting soaked while riding to/from work.

    It now looks like you've got all those 'excuses' licked.

  3. I've seen the state of the traffic round there in the morning it's awful, even if there wasn't a parking shortage I would still be riding. I will get there reliably quicker and be able to park my bike at the front door.

    I'm starting to look forward to it now, new runs/rides to explore and saving a fortune in diesel (assuming they don't chnge their minds again).

  4. Hope the sun has been kind you today. Best wishes at Edinburgh, looking forward to your race report.