Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Puncture free commute yesterday

I rested on Monday and continued eating food like it was going out of fashion, my legs still felt a little battered so rather than run I thought I would ride to work on Tuesday to save some impact on my legs. The upshot of eating all day Monday was I woke up on Tuesday starving, how does that work? I can't remember the last time I absolutely had to eat before riding to work but I did on Tuesday.

No punctures but not an incident free ride in. About half a mile into it I heard something hit the ground, I looked and the Garmin was still there (I'd already knocked that off the bars as I set off) but my little light had fallen off and skidded across the road. As I stopped to retrieve it a car came along and run over it, smashing it into tiny little pieces. Arse! It wasn't one of my super duper expensive lights thankfully.

After that I was blown into work by a strong tailwind with almost no effort on my part. I spotted Mr S heading the opposite way to me and I could tell just by looking at him he was finding it really hard work. I got to work in less than an hour, with seriously no effort the wind was so strong.

Ride home was a very different story, very strong headwind. I rode on the drops for most of it, to get out of the wind a little and have more control over the front wheel. When the wind stopped being in my face it decided to swirl around everywhere and the front wheel really seemed to catch it. I had a few moments where the bike just got blown sideways.

I didn't bother trying to fight it and got home in 1:14, 15 minutes slower than the ride in. I quite enjoyed it really, probably because I wasn't trying to flog myself to death and I was on the road bike, if I was on the Spesh it would have taken longer and felt much harder.

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