Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long (ish) Run on Sunday

A rest day on Saturday which turned out to be the better day weather wise unfortunately but my legs needed the break. I was getting ready to head out about 1pm on Sunday but I got a message from my friend asking if I could come and help her with her shopping as she was now on crutches!

About 30 minutes into her very first snowboard lesson her free foot had slipped off the board and her knee twisted very badly. She was in agony and had to have a big orange splint put on and be taken out of the Chill Factore to A & E on a stretcher with gas and air. It caused a bit of a "commotion" apparently (a trifle understated I think).

Nothing actually broken but likely ligament and cartilage damage, ouchie. I think a straightforward break of the leg would have been a better outcome. When I think to the amount of times I used my free foot as a brake coming of chair lifts (as I'm rubbish and have no ability) on a board I think I've been quite lucky.

I picked her up and took her shopping. The biggest downpour of the day happened when I was driving her back so at least it saved me from running in that. I was starving when I got back and even though I knew that a Tartiflette was probably not the best thing to be eating before a run its all I really had easily available.

I eventually got out the door at 15:45 into the wind but no rain at this time. I chucked arm warmers into my bag but it was actually quite warm for running. Plan was to do an out and back route 6.5 each way at 9mm. 13 miles, no more, no less.

I headed out towards the A59 again, into the wind but at least it would generally be behind me on the way home. Hitting the narrow lanes I could tell the camber was not helping my hamstring at all. About 4/5 mile in it started raining, then it started heavily raining and I was now feeling cold. I spotted a dry patch on the other side of the road and ran over to shelter under a tree and get the arm warmers out, which were a complete pain to get on with wet arms. The Tartiflette was weighing very heavy and I never managed to completely rid myself of the slight nausea of too much in my stomach.

I set off again and was soon wishing I had brought gloves along too as my hands were freezing. The rain was really driving into my face which wasn't ideal as I was running alongside a road and couldn't see the cars approaching. I spotted a footpath which allegedly was going to cut off a bit of a road corner and set off down it to get away from traffic. The rain was still heavy and I was shivering. At just over 6 miles I thought sod that for a game of soldiers and turned round.

It didn't take long till the back of me was soaked too. My Shuffle started playing up then died as I got back to the road. I was sure I had only just charged it but it was dead. The rain eased off quite a bit soon after so I took in an extra little loop to keep the distance up then headed back home.

It felt good to be heading back homewards this quickly, the wind mostly behind me and the rain had stopped. A fairly steady trog back, a lot more puddles around than before though. About a mile from home my left foot and ankle really started to ache, just under the ankle bone. It really was painful, it felt like I had gone over on my left ankle but I haven't done that since February. I had to stop to cross a road so tightened up my shoe to see if it helped, seemed to but there was still an ache. I was going to be just under the 13 if I headed straight to my front door so I took the longer way into my street and ended up at 13.1.

Arriving home it was nice not to feel utterly dead, very cold but not as battered as last week. Straight into a hot shower then some food but not having to eat epic amounts like last week.

13.1 miles at 8.50, bit fast but I was really cold on the second half and needed to get warm. I am so glad I didn't have to do anything longer.

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