Friday, May 22, 2009

Club Run

Quite a bit faster and further than I was expecting, no idea exactly as I left the Garmin at home (after switching it on to let it find itself, d'oh and I set off running still wearing the strap too). 6/7 miles maybe but not at a social pace at all, very enjoyable actually. Knee was fine and legs actually felt the best they have for weeks, apart from my lower legs they still belong to someone else.

As the easing off is working and the run wasn't at social pace I decided against riding in to work today. I also remembered I am on call this weekend and have to bring my laptop home which meant a laden ride on the Spesh rather than an easy cruise on the road bike. Just hope there are no bank holiday problems on the M6 on the way home.

8 miles on Saturday (short, short, short!). Hopefully get the road bike out for a spin on Sunday as its forecast to be warm. 6 miles of "intervals" on Monday/Tuesday, I will speed the legs up a bit but not flog myself and then my last run on Wednesday. I'm not going down to the club as don't want to be doing a run like yesterday so close to the marathon (eek).

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  1. fingers crossed for staying injury free ;)