Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to running

I started running again last Wednesday, at first an evening run in Tockholes woods exploring some tracks I have been meaning to for ages. No pressure, no plan other than to just get out there. It was also very windy so thought it would be more sheltered. I'm usually passing through the woods on the way to/back from a longer run or ride and never really take the time to detour. Some of the tracks were excellent, some less so and they all could do with drying out a little before taking a bike on them. I had good fun, scrambling up muddy banks, ended up with two very muddy knees. I got a few funny looks.

I did realise my legs have lost the ability to run hard down steepish hills though, nearly buckled my legs to prove it! That will need building back up again. Just under 5 muddy and windswept miles, nose still running in an annoying fashion.

On the Thursday I headed out to do the run I had missed over the weekend: 10 miles at 9mm pace. It shows how the training has progressed, a few months ago I would have considered 10 miles a long run not an after work jaunt. I had a good run even though my legs were feeling it a quite a bit from the hills the day before (bit pathetic really) and I managed bang on 9mm average. Nose still running and occasionally blocking up but definitely on the mend. I had a rest day planned for the Friday before my last stupidly long run at some point over the weekend.


  1. Good to hear you're getting into the running. I never cease to be amazed at how quickly a body can adapt and respond to training. Sounds like you've come along way already. Except the nose thing. My body is now highly trained in blowing with both speed and accuracy. Though less than ladylike as a technique, a single nostril trumpet to clear the goo in one short, sharp blast is what all the professionals are doing. It takes a bit of practice though. Are you familiar with the method..? : )

  2. Snot rocket? I know exactly what you mean, I'm rubbish at them and always have been though was doing quite a few successful ones on my long run for a change.