Monday, April 6, 2009

Wednesday Evening/Night Ride

Wednesday evening ride at Rivington, summer shoes, 3/4 lengths and gilet and summer gloves! A lovely evening for a ride. There were four of us riding, Ed and I and Stu and his mate from work. A last minute e-mail panic about lights had me turning up with Jez's light hoping it was charged (it wasn't). It took me a while to find it as it was still on the last bike he rode, hung up int the garage and I can't get it down easily as it ends up tangled in the rafters/other bikes. I ended up knelt on the garage bench trying to get the light off and ended up being almost late.

We decided to head over the Nab to check out the new trail in the daylight. When we got there the sunset was lovely:

I was feeling tired after a couple of crap nights sleep but nice to be out. The new red trail was fine in the daylight, easy to see why it was a little confusing at night with the steeper black trail cutting down too. Due to the fact I could see them none of the drops were that bad during the day though I almost had a stupidity attack by riding off the edge of one of the berms. I was looking at the construction of the edge of it (no idea why, caught my eye) rather than where I wanted to go so of course the bike tried to go where I was looking. I managed to get it round but almost flopped the front wheel competely. No style points at all.

We decided against riding up the long road hill and headed along the cheeky track by the res as Ed had never ridden it. I had forgotten about all the awkward gates but hey, it saved a climb. When we got to the woody bit near the other end the light had faded enough that lights were required. Unfortunately when switching Jez's light on the battery was dead as a dodo. We had a couple of headlights between us and sorted one of those out.

The plan was to head to Lead Mines then up and out towards Hordern Stoops. As we left the picnic area we ended up going the wrong way, my fault! I knew there was a bit of a climb on the way to Lead Mines from here but forgot about the bit of flat road before it and I just saw a climb and headed straight up it. I was asked if I was sure but I was confident! I did think it was a little steeper than I was expecting but my legs were tired and it eased off quickly. Then we realised that the big hole in the ground next to us was Anglezarke Quarry, oops. So we climbed up to the top of the moor anyway though the climb is significantly easier from this side.

A re-evaluation of the plan, head down LMC then continue as normal off towards the Pike. On the road over to the car park at the bottom of the ICR we had to dodge loads of little frogs on the road, I think we managed not to squash any. My legs were feeling a little tired, unlike last week where I seemed to be able to take it easy on the cobble infested corners to the Pike I found them hard going this week, even with full-suspension. Up to the pike itself and a strong wind nearly blew me off my bike, where did that come from?

Down to the bottom at silly speed due to no eyeball rattle then straight down the grassy descent to the woods again. A quick blast along the reservoir and another round of frogger and it was back to the car. By the time I'd gotten home, put bike away, eaten and got my stuff ready for riding to work it was gone midnight and I then had yet another rubbish nights sleep.

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