Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My friends just had her MTB stolen out of her car!!!!!!! Grr!!!

Even more reason to get the On One up and running as she should hopefully be able to ride on that til she gets a new one (ooh, new bikes - trying to be positive!). Jez is back on Monday, hopefully we'll be able to sort something out.

I should really lock the bikes up in the garage, keep leaving the Titus and On One unlocked as its easier.


  1. I hope the bike was insured.

    Bike theft really seems to be on the increase just recently.

  2. Its not apparently, change in insurance terms and she's a bit gutted she didn't notice it. On a more positive note they made a bit of a mess of her six week old car to the point it probably needs resprayed however its a company car.

  3. rubbish! if you donated your on-one would you need to get another bike? ;)

  4. Do you know I was thinking I hadn't had a new bike for quite a while! I don't need one but I had started a bit of a fund to treat myself after the marathon. Its got about £100 in it at the minute which wouldn't buy me much!

  5. I'd get the On One back (no way would I get rid of it), it would be a loan and a good test ride for her as she will need to think of something to replace the stolen one. It was a hardtail that was stolen so an On One of some description would probably be a contender as a replacement bike.