Sunday, April 12, 2009

Toerags, Mark 2

Really not having a good weekend had hayfever yesterday so bunged up and no long run, I cycled over to Pam's last night for some food and to commiserate about stolen bike/look at new ones. When I left there were two cars parked on our drive, when I came back there was only one!

My heart sank, Jez's S4 was gone. They broke into the house by levering open our patio doors, got the keys (and a playstation and a telly but nothing else so they came for the car). I was up til 2 am dealing with police, locking all the bikes in the garage, the motorbike (as that key seems to have disappeared). One very crap nights sleep later I've had CID, CSI round this morning, been fingerprinted for the first time in my life and now have the joy of dealing with insurance companies and doing something to secure our crapola patio doors.

Jez lands in the UK tomorrow, thank god for that.


  1. Blimey. At least everything thats been taken can easily be replaced.

  2. That is just rubbish, but I'm glad you were out. Would have been a lot worse if you had been there and they tried to break in!

    Hope everything gets sorted!

  3. horrible! like trio said at least you weren't there. bet you can't wait for jez to get back

  4. Bastards! Sounds a horrible experience. Hope you're OK.