Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday Evening Run

I headed out for a run after work yesterday, I wasn't sure how far/how fast I was going to run, I would let my body decide that after I set off. I had thoughts of up to 9 miles but after a mile or two decided against that. My legs were a little heavy (cycling heavy) and I was planning on actually completing my long run on Saturday I ended up aiming for 6 miles at 9mm - which is close to my intended marathon pace (may be a little ambitious though).

I had a lovely run around Cuerden Park, I felt a lot smoother and comfortable on the hills (not any faster!) than I have of late and I put that down to Monday's session. I ended up with 6.5 miles at just over 9mm. Lots of varied pace running too, slower on the hills, faster along the valley floor which was nice as I had begun to think my legs had forgotten to move any faster than lumbering.

I had a rest day today, nothing more than a little stretching (but I again forgot to do my core work).

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