Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Tyre Required

A close inspection of my rear road bike tyre on Sunday means I have now binned it. There was one piece of glass which had been pushed in and round almost to the side wall, I couldn't prise it out from the outside and and to take the tyre off and push it out from the inside. That left a big debris attracting hole. I'm a bit gutted as I bet the tyre has done not much more than 100 miles.

So I need a new tyre/tyres and some tubes. I had GP 4 Seasons tyres on and I really liked them grip wise but I'm not sure they had a kevlar strip in them as the glass seemed to go through really easily. I need something commute worthy but ok in the wet - I find GatorSkins lethal. Will try to nip in to Ribble or Hewitts on Saturday.


  1. I use 4seasons, anything more puncture proof is letal going downhills in the wet!

  2. If you have a small rip in a tyre, you can take it off and fill it with superglue. It will give you a fair few more miles on it. Just make sure that if any glue come through to the inside, you wipe it off.

  3. May have a look at that as both Wiggle and Ribble are out of stock of the 23m wide ones though Parker have them at £27.95, sure I never paid that much before.

    I'm good at glueing my fingers together with superglue too!

  4. I have one spare GP4000 23mm tyre in yellow going spare. It doesn't match anything else i've got.

    Yours for postage cost.