Monday, April 6, 2009

Incurring the wrath of the p*nct*re fairy.

Don't know what I did to deserve it but I had two visitations from the p fairy on my commute to and from work, the only thing to spoil otherwise lovely rides (apart from the fact I was knackered).

After another rubbish night sleep and not getting to bed til midnight I was awake at 6:30 am to get ready to ride. I had one sensible thought of resting today but it was a beautiful day, I would have to bring my laptop home on Friday and I wanted to ride at least once this week so I got up.

It felt weird to be on the road bike and I managed to set off a bit later than normal after a major faff. I had to get some cash so rode to machine in centre of town, out of order. Got tangled up in traffic for a while but managed to get cash in Penwortham before managing to get out of the line of traffic and on to my normal route. I was feeling tired but was taking it nice and easy, rolling along, yawning a bit, blue sky, sunshine, pink lenses in my shades and generally feeling pleased with the morning.

Heading past the Texaco garage at Lea Gate I heard a ping and the back end of the bike squidged, Grr. Ah well, such a beautiful morning, tyre changing practice is always good. Off the side of the track and I managed to get tyre off, checked around the inside, new tube in and tyre back on relatively quickly for me. I then noticed the cycle path was absolutely strewn with glass, not massive bits but lots of little bits so I checked the outside of the tyre and pulled a few bits out.

It hadn't seated properly round the valve so I undid it all again then used a CO2 canister on it as time was getting on. Woah, never expected the tyre to inflate that quickly but hey all back on and ready to roll. Checks time: 8.25 am - I'm usually there by now. So I abandon my easy paced riding and take off trying not to be too late. I really enjoyed whizzing along on the road bike and got to work in a pretty fast 58:10 of riding time (not including puncture faff). I reported the glass on fillthathole but whether it gets cleared who knows. I now had no spare tube but luckily one of the guys I work with has a road bike and goes home for lunch so brought me a spare back.

It all caught up with me at lunchtime and I struggled to keep my eyes open in the afternoon. The ride home was a much more relaxed (i.e. shattered) affair. I dawdled home and three miles from home I got another puncture - I knew that glass was going to cause problems. I tried pumping the tyre up a bit to see if I could limp home but no joy. It is too far to walk pushing a bike but there was a bench over on the other side of the road so I had a seat, just as well I got that spare.

I picked yet more glass out of the tyre and changed the tube, even quicker this time. I was going to pump it up but the hunger had started and I really needed to get home so CO2 again and I wobble home starving. I was so tired in the evening, in fact I think I was overtired because I had another rubbish nights sleep then too.

I was going to do intervals on Friday......(this is what happens when Jez isn't around to save me from myself!).


  1. I'm going to have to try a C02 canister. I've always been put off by the cost.

  2. Cost is a downside but it saved me so much time in the morning, if I hadn't been so hungry in the evening I would have just pumped the tyre up. They will be a godsend on a less than lovely day.