Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hmmm...missing post?

I was convinced I'd posted about last weeks Wednesday night ride but I can't find it, I'm probably imagining it!

A very windswept ride last Wednesday out of Abbey Village and up to the tower etc. At least it wasn't raining and it wasn't really that cold but listening to the wind howling across the field as we were getting ready just made it feel more miserable than it was. I had good layers on though, it wasn't that warm either.

Stu was late so Ed and I set off into the shelter of the trees. We chanced the fence track which was a bit a boggy mess and I had at least three moments where I had to unclip as I was pedalling but going absolutely nowhere. Still, it slowed us down a bit to help Stu catch up. We bimbled on towards the tower, out of the trees the wind was there again. At the bottom of the climb to the tower it was obvious they had been continuing with their repairs, we decided to take the long steady climb up to check it out, right into the wind.

As we got higher the wind got stronger and we skirted round the hill a bit and it really started coming in, it was a bit of a crosswind so we were getting blown across the track a lot and doing a few seated trackstands as well at strong gusts. They have completely motorwayed it again, which ordinarily would have been a shame but tonight was just as well as there was no way I would have managed to ride it in its previous state, I would have been blown off/into ruts/side of the hill.

Along the top was a tail/crosswind and Ed and I were both glad we were on full-suss as we had no control over what line we took, where the wind blew us that's where we went. The suspension allowed us to stay seated and as small as possible and pedal over the rocks, I didn't want to have to stand up and turn myself into a sail.

Stu arrived at the tower about the same time we did, he took the shorter but steeper way up and reported that they had pretty much finished repairing that track too. So its now a choice between a longer, steady but now dull and untechnical climb or a shorter, much steeper and more brutal but thankfully just as untechnical (apart from the sneaky waterbars) climb to the top.

The rutty track from the tower was fun as the wind just seemed to be swirling everywhere. I resolved to take the widest ruts possible, avoid the really narrow ones but then I seemed to end up exactly where I didn't want to go! How I didn't get blown off sideways I don't know, it was close a few times.

Over the top of the moor, which was surprisingly dry due to the wind then down towards the fast cobbly descent (fantastic fun as usual on a full-suss, I can see properly all the way down as my eyeballs aren't being bounced around in my head). A quick whizz down the cheeky track through the woods then back to the car. Short at 9 miles, but enough on such a windy night.

I didn't do any running/riding Thurs/Fri of last week due to the wind (lazy, I know!). On Saturday I got myself out for a long run. I had thought about getting the run done early but when I woke up I just wasn't in the mood. I had to pick up my car so I cycled there and to the library on the way, it was just under 5 miles and it really perked me up.

I got out for my run about 1pm, it was really cold. I had my thermal running top on which has handwarmer sleeves and I really needed them a few times. I had planned to do 16 milesish.

I headed out to Cuerden Park, ran down to the Kem Mill end then back again, then I wanted to check out a couple of paths in Leyland. So I headed off there and it turned out to be a lovely woodland track that popped out near Farington Moss. I decided to do a bit of exploring, I knew there were some footpaths round the fields and I would pop out near New Longton. The paths were very flat but it was nice to be in such open area (hands froze here due to the biting wind) and good stuff to add to my repertoire of places to run.

I popped out on the main road to New Longton then spotted a blue cycle sign for Penwortham, so I thought I would follow it. It took me down some more lovely little lanes that I had no idea existed at all and popped me out at Booths in Penwortham and I finally knew exactly where I was. I had covered 12 miles by this point and I knew that if I ran back the way I cycle to Booths that would give me about 4 miles which was perfect.

So off I trotted. At about 14 miles things started to hurt, by 15 my hamstrings and glutes were hurting a lot but quads and calves were only a little bit achy which I thought was a bit weird but it hurt less to run constantly than stop and stretch and try to start running again. I ran until I got stopped at the traffic lights about 1/4 of a mile from home, I had done 16.2 miles by that point so walked the last bit back home shaking my legs out as I went.

My hamstrings were very, very sore the next day but I realised it was probably caused by all the tidying up I've been doing in the garden, they always ache in the when I do lots of that as I think I overstretch them by spending loads of time crouching down or bending over, its mostly sorted now anyway. I hope its that as otherwise they need to toughen up a bit, the thought of doing another 10 miles with them like that doesn't appeal!

16.2 miles at 9.20 mm, didn't realise it was that fast, will try to take it easier on the next one, its even longer.


  1. yay for long run ;) good pace as well. i get exactly the same kind of tightness in my hamstrings too. i've always put this down to a combination of cycling and and not stretching enough after running/biking.

  2. I'm definitely not stretching enough, did some tonight though. It settled down now to being just tight behind my left knee which is something I get regularly. I never used to get hamstring problems til I started running, doing them both turns me into a physical wreck I think.

    I will stretch it out over the next couple of days by standing on a step and dropping my heel, gets some funny looks at work.