Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting back on track

After all the drama at the weekend I finally got out for a good, stress busting run on Tuesday. I was too tired still on Monday after a couple of disturbed nights sleep after the break in. I headed down to the sea front for a good blast of sea air. It was reasonably windy but I decided to run into the wind and get the full force of the wind on my face.

It was overcast but after feeling cold setting off the temperature was just right, it felt invigorating to be running into the wind. I ran down towards Lytham, along the beach at times and at the lifeboat station I headed out along the long wooden jetty (that I've never actually noticed before) and stood out there almost in the water listening to the wind and the waves and birds calling for a good while.

I came off the prom at the windmill and headed through Lytham centre to pick up the woodland path that heads towards Ansdell. A completely different feel to the run here but just as invigorating as the sea air, lots of wildlife, flowers, trees and greenery. Shame its such a short section.

I got back to work feeling pretty good, legs didn't feel like lead so hopefully its time to build things back up again.

I was supposed to be doing Hawkshead Trail Race this weekend, if I had gotten out for my planned long run over Easter I would probably do it but I need to get some long tarmac runs in my legs so I've decided not to, also its a race with 2000ft of climb and I will push myself too hard if last year is anything to go by.

Its a sold out event so if anyone wants a number for it they can have mine, I think the organisers are ok about transfers?.....Actually, just checked and apparently they are not! I'm sure people swap numbers for these events?


  1. It's a shame you've pulled out of the Hawkshead race. I absolutely adhore the view from some of those trails.

  2. I know, I've MTBed on them a lot in the past but its the sensible thing to do. My goal is the marathon so I need to prioritise it now. Its a good event, I'm looking forward to the Derwentwater race now even more.

  3. glad to hear you're getting back out there. good decision to not race-there's always next year :)

  4. Sounds like you've had a rough time and the sea front sounded blissful! Am jealous of runs by the sea. It sounds like you're able to put the experiences last week in perspective. Hope the training goes well on the road - looking forward to reading how you get along.