Saturday, April 18, 2009


I had my long run planned today, hoped to get in about 16 - 18 miles but I hadn't factored in the heat at all. I'm not good in heat so it was a particularly numbskull thing to do, set off for my run at 12:30 pm right into the hottest part of the day.

I found it difficult from the off, my legs seemed to shuffle along and my heart rate seemed high for the effort I was putting in. It was quite breezy so it took a while for it to properly dawn on me how warm it was. I was wearing a gilet! I took that off after about a mile and a half. At the two mile point (where I was in fact only half a mile away from my house as the crow flies) I had a brief attack of sensible and thought about going home and heading back out later when I was feeling a bit better. I decided that was quittin' talk and plodded on hating every minute.

I had thought about heading out towards Hutton and the Ribble estuary, keep meaning to go exploring over there. Once near New Longton I decided things were not going well enough to go that far away from home. I decided to head back towards the Avenham Park area.

I had put energy drink with electrolytes in my bladder as I had realised that because it was sunny I would sweat more but I had it at cold weather concetration and it was a little sickly. I stopped off at Booths and bought a small bottle of plain water and drank it all which made me feel a little better.

Once I got back to the tramway I was only about 8 miles in! I had thought about doing a few laps of the riverbanks but I really was struggling. It didn't help that I trundled past an absolutely rammed beer garden. They had the right idea! I called it quits there and decided to head home.

I stopped on the tramway bridge briefly to let bikes past (hot days are cycling days not running days!) and the heat just erupted from my face, I felt a little dizzy. I walked for a little bit until I got into the shade before running the last little bit home. In the end I only managed just under 10 miles. Not ideal, I have a 20 miler scheduled for around the 10th May, if I don't manage it then the mara will be interesting!

I felt quite out of sorts for the rest of the day, the worrying thing is that last year the 31st of May was a very hot day, I fried then too.

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