Monday, April 20, 2009

Dry trails!

I love MTBing in daylight and on dry trails, it feels like cheating after slogging about in the mud and darkness over winter. The ride on Sunday was planned as an easy ride to spin my legs out after my long (ahem) run and to get the On One to Pam to ride whilst she sorts out a replacement bike.

I got outside before packing the car up to the unusual sight of my On One with a handlebar clamped to the seatpost rather than a saddle. The seatpost still wasn' t moving and it took some serious brute force from Jez, the extra leverage from the handlebar and each of us sat on a wheel (not comfy) to finally get it out of the frame. It had corroded a little, so it has been regreased and SPD pedals put on. It was greased when we originally built the bike up but its not something I had thought to check regularly. I very rarely change my saddle height out riding but its nice to be able to.

We also found an old saddle of mine to put on as I know that Pam really doesn't like my Flite saddle (weirdo, love my Flites). She has to go through all the faff of getting another comfy saddle, Specialized don't make the one likes any more.

It was greased when I originally built the frame but its not something I had thought to check regularly. I very rarely change my saddle height out riding but its nice to have the option and Pam needed the saddle a lot higher than I did anyway.

My legs were pretty up for riding but it was very warm again. We set off just after 10 and took it nice and easy. It was horse central today, I've never seen so many horses out and about around here. We came across a huge organised ride too, everyone really smiley and friendly. We didn't see any horses up around the Tower not sure why, they are entitled to ride up there?

It was quite nice to just cruise up to the tower though the trail is now very boring. The rutty trail was fantastic as you could look way ahead and pick the best rut and there was no mud to slide around in, fantastic. Over the top, down to the road then off down the cobbly Mill Lane descent. Huge grin at the bottom, the Titus makes it all too easy really. Pam seemed to be getting on ok with the On One, the only slight complaint was the reach but we do have completely different body proportions. She has long legs short torso whereas I am the opposite so it was never going to be a perfect fit.

As it was quite busy the cheeky path through the woods was out of the question so back up the main track. We diverted up to the fence track and rode that in the opposite direction from normal. As it is mainly downhill this way it had a completely different feel to it, the fact it was almost completely dry helped too. A quick game of dodge back to the car then to the pub to sit outside for some lunch and a cold beer, I could feel my peely wally Scottish skin burning a little, the sun is getting really strong.


  1. I should be working but I can't help staring out the window, longing to be out on the bike.

    This afternoon I think i'm going to drift off into a dream world of mud (and rock) free trails and summer sun.

  2. Mud and rock free? That's a road!