Friday, April 17, 2009


I set off on for a run after work yesterday, I had planned to do some intervals to see if I could and just to make my legs move a bit. I got ready, set off out the door and noticed the Garmin said the battery was low. I wasn't worried as last time it did that I got a good hour out of it still. It died after half a mile, plank that I am.

I had to reassess my plans, intervals were out as I had no way of measuring time/distance or anything else so I opted just to have a run at a comfortable pace and enjoy myself. I think I did about 4 easy miles in the end and I finished the run a lot happier than when I started though my legs are still lacking in a little zip.

I'll be postponing the intervals until next week, I did think about doing them this evening but I have my long run planned for Saturday and intervals the day before a long run is just not sensible.


  1. It sounds like the battery dying might have been a blessing in disguise?