Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cycle commute - In Shorts!

I rode to work today in shorts! I actually set off with short sleeves too but that was a little ambitious and I dug the armwarmers out after half a mile. My legs felt surprisingly good on the bike today no inkling of yesterdays hill session, at least they seem to be good for something! It doesn't take much to swap them back to bike mode really, not good when your training for a running event though.

My new tyre hasn't arrived for the road bike yet so I took the Spesh. I had a fantastic ride in with what I suspect is a tailwind as I wasn't trying that hard but did my fastest commute time on the Spesh so far - 1:05 woo! Hopefully its not going to be too much of a slog on the way home but its such a beautiful day who cares!


  1. I am HATING commuting to work in the car at the moment.

    A cyclist passed me while I stuck in traffic this morning. I was unbelivably jealous!!

  2. It clouded over for a bit but the sun has reappeared. The wind has really gotten up but its supposed to be a westerly which means a tailwind. I'm not usually that lucky both ways.