Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Weekend...

...didn't quite go as I planned it. I spent most of it sleeping it would seem and not much else. I had originally hoped to ride at Glentress on the way up on Friday but hitting the wall on Thursday's run meant I was too hungry and tired on Friday morning to contemplate it.

I thought about trying to get out for a spin on the roadie but the front tyre had a puncture when I checked it on Friday morning - it was flat on Thursday but I pumped it up in case the valve hadn't been tightened up properly. I CBA'd breaking my thumbs trying to change it on Friday morning so it stayed in the garage.

I was finishing packing up the car around lunchtime on Friday and I decided to put the radio on for a bit only to hear the traffic news and they had just kindly shut the M6 in both directions between 32 and 33 - Oh FFS! Just what I needed.

As there is no real alternative to the M6 between Preston and Lancaster I thought I might as well head off and see what progress I could make (not much). It was announced southbound had reopened as the air ambulance had taken off but 2 lanes northbound would be shut til at least 4 pm apparently and there was also another accident on the northbound carriageway to add to melee.

I decided to head across to Kirkham then pick up the A6 near Garstang, which would likely be rammed but I was going to be queueing wherever I went and I figured it wasn't going to get any better as the afternoon wore on.

Driving through the centre of Lostock Hall I suddenly heard this horrendous grinding and banging noise. I thought I had run over something and pulled over asap, got out the car and discovered the back box of my exhaust was being dragged along the ground - oh FFS! I couldn't believe it! Bloody Car. I was kind of in the way so I drove it, grinding and all into the car park in the town centre.

Two young lads sat in Corsa stared at me as I drove past and wandered over and asked if "I realised my exhaust was hanging off" I answered I did indeed know, which was why i was in the car park. They offered to look at it for me (don't think they can do much), which they did, then got a screwdriver out of their car and detached the dangling exhaust from my car. What a couple of stars.

I was at least able to drive it home now without a shower of sparks following me, having travelled all of about half a mile from home. I then had a bit of a dilemma, take Jez's Audi or stay here. I was a bit wary of taking the Audi, its his new toy, I'm not having a good day with machines and it averages 20 miles to the bloody gallon! I decide to take it, I need to get used to driving it anyway.

After a bit of faff swapping stuff over, it may be an estate but it is smaller than my Mondeo land barge, I set off again into the worsening traffic. Suffice to say it took me the best part of two hours to get to 33, at least it was sunny.

A boring and completeley fuel inefficient drive up to Scotland I'm getting the hang of the car, apart from the extra gear and very occasionally enjoying the stupid acceleration on it (though not watching fuel consumption plummet like a stone, 5 mpg !). Most of the time I drove like a pensioner. The tank was half full setting off and I had to refuel before I got to Carlisle.

Friday night was spent catching up with friends to the early hours of Saturday morning then a few hours sleep and more catching up. I then was feeling very tired so decided t go back to my folks for a bit of a lie down before tea. It was just getting dark as I was dozing off, I opened my eyes and it was light again. A "bit of a lie down" turned into about 12 hours of unconsciousness. What a great sleep it was too.

I managed to sleep like a log on Sunday night too. I came straight back down on the Monday to get on with sorting my stupid car out, trying to drive sensibly but I still had to fill the bloody thing up again today.


  1. You did well to persist and get to Scotland, after the traffic and exhaust nightmare I suspect I'd have given it up as a bad idea and retreated to the couch for a Friday night with a DVD, a beer and a pizza!

    Hope your car is all sorted now.

  2. I spent the weekend being looked after by my mum, so it was worth getting up there.