Monday, March 16, 2009

A Test Run

What a beautiful day today was, I didn't take my kit to work today but by mid morning I had decided I was going to go out for a run to see if I had shaken whatever had been wiping me out for the last week or so.

I did have the customary "can I be bothered" moment as I first got home but as Jez is away for the next however many weeks the alternative was just being in the house with the cat. As he isn't much of a conversationalist I got my stuff together and headed out the door. The plan was to do about three miles at long run pace (9:30mm or less than 160 if possible) and see how things were.

I felt pretty good from the off, legs very springy given a few days off though my left hamstring was tight. It will be from all the digging/faffing in the garden I did over the weekend (I didn't have a completely lazy weekend). I really enjoyed it, total endorphin high by the time I got home which was just fantastic. I speeded up for the last mile I was enjoying myself so much.

Just under five miles at 8:50 pace and looking forward to getting my training back on track - 11 weeks til M day!


  1. If the cat runs out of witty chat and you're at a loose end while Jez is away we could arrange to meet up for a run, Winter Hill or you could show me a few routes on Great Hill, I still haven't ventured over that way yet?

  2. Good idea, I'm away for a long weekend in Scotland this weekend but once I get back I need to make an effort to get out and about rather than staying at home all the time.