Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taking my own advice

After telling RedBikes that he should rest I will be taking my own advice today! My quads are still feeling battered from Sunday but everything else is fine which is great, my lower legs have been feeling it lately with all the tarmac pounding and Sundays run really gave them a workout without the impact. I've brought my kit with me but I could feel my quads just walking across the carpark so I don't think an interval session or 7 tempo miles would be good for them.

My plan for this week was to run today, rest tomorrow then we are off to the Lakes on Wednesday night for our birthday, two days of some chilled out walking and perhaps riding (Jez wants to check out the new MTB trail at Whinlatter) so I wasn't to worried about going hard at the beginning of the week as I would be relaxing later. Now I will rest today and run tomorrow.


  1. Resting when we make the improvements but I think we all forget to rest completely!

  2. I know, feels lazy and wrong.

  3. sounds like a sensible plan....i wonder if redbikes is listening ;)