Friday, March 20, 2009


I had planned a long run yesterday afternoon, hoping to do 14 - 16 miles offroad as the weather was so nice. Due to having to work on Saturday I had some hours to play with, the weather was kind so I thought I would do a long run in the afternoon. I planned to get some miles in but pick some stuff that was easier to run no massive climbs/descents.

I decided I would go from Abbey Village, up Great Hill, along the top and down into Belmont, go explore some new paths over Turton Moor then back towards Darwen Tower then back to car. I had a butty before leaving work and setting off my stomach felt full, I had a few burp breaks on the way up Great Hill. My legs were heavy, not sore but not frisky but I wasn't bothered as I was going to take things easy.

It was gorgeous on the top of Great Hill, I sat at the shelter for ages and basked in the sun (nearly dozed off!) then set off along the flagged path on the top. There was a helicopter flying around, hovering low so I faffed a bit watching that.

About half way along the flagged path I suddenly went from full stomach to hungry, odd. I had a gel and a good drink of water and carried on. A bit more faffing trying to figure out what the heli was up to then I was dropping down into Belmont. At 6.7 miles I was almost into Belmont when I felt my stomach really empty and my legs going to jelly. Really? How can that be? I've only been running for just over an hour (been out for a lot longer than that though!).

I sat down. This wasn't a good situation, my car is at least 5 or 6 miles away! I've never bonked badly on a run before, cycling a few times but at least you can crawl along on a bike and roll down hills. I need something in my stomach, its empty and gels are just not going to cut it. I checked my pack, I often carry a bit of cash in it for just in case moments so I had a look and there were three pound coins in it! Hurrah, hope Belmont has a shop.

The gel that was in the front pouch of the pack has leaked a little and everything is very sticky, took a bit of persuasion to get the coins out and separate them. I teetered off to the village to look around. There was a little post office and in I went and swapped one very sticky pound coin (he wasn't impressed) for a Mars bar and a packet of Starburst.

Its a measure of how hungry I was as I don't really like Mars Bars but I scoffed the lot in about five seconds and had a few chews. Then started heading up towards the reservoir. I noticed a bus stop and thought about checking out the times but decided against it. I got to the reservoir and got the map out and looked at my planned route and thought (I really did), if I give it 10 minutes or so to digest this Mars Bar a bit I may then be ok to continue on round Turton Moor.

Hello!!!! Once I get to this stage its usually a fairly steady downward trajectory and the sensible thing is to pick up the Witton Weavers Way and get back to the car, I reckoned at least 5 miles still to go. Eventually enough glucose got to my brain and I took the sensible option. It was a slow jog along the Witton Weavers way, which was almost as dry as a bone. I at least know that the undulations are a bit cruel when your tired as I've crawled along here in a similar state on a bike before but soon I was back at Tockholes Woods.

I did think about walking from here but decided to get to 12 miles before stopping running, how sensible an idea that was I don't know but I wanted to get back to the car. I picked my way like an old woman down the cobbles of Mill Lane, couldn't really process information fast enough to pick a good running line and I was pleased I was close to the car. I stopped running at 12 miles and walked the last half mile back to the car, my legs feeling battered but I had at least stopped feeling hungry. How does that work?

I had recovery drink waiting to be made up in the car so I had that as soon as I got back - the water was warm so it was a bit ick.

I'm currently sat here in eating everything in sight mode and have revised my plans for the weekend. I was intending on riding at Glentress today on the way to my folks but I'm postponing it to Monday and riding on the way home instead.

Really didn't see that one coming, not good.


  1. Perhaps you just need a few days rest?

    I wish I had the motivation to add in extra miles after bonking. Sadly once i'm in that sort of state i'm always only too keen to end a run/ride.

  2. It could have been anything, what you ate the day before. To being overtired. you still did a good run!

  3. It wasn't motivation, I had to get back to the car! Its given me a wake up call.