Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ooh, that was warm.

I arrived back at work after my lunchtime run beetroot red and radiating heat from my face. I was a little over dressed for todays speed session. I seem to have been avoiding doing some really hard sessions for a while so today's interval session was 4 x 800 metres (half a mile for me) with 90 second recoveries.

I headed down towards Lytham for just over two miles of warm up, as it was into the wind I it was quite refreshing. I set off far too fast for the first interval as usual and finished the half mile at 7.10 mm (3:34) average. The were supposed to be at 7:30 mm at the fastest, oops here I go again overdoing it but the marker was set to I thought I had to try the remaining ones at that pace. I had a quick pitstop in the loos before setting off on the next one (finished coffee too close to run).

The second one felt pretty good and was as it turned out even faster, 7.02 mm (3:30). I recovered well and set off on the third one, going pretty good until turning off the prom and up the main path along the road. The sun was out and I was behind the dunes and was being sheltered from the wind, it was like running into a sauna. I was boiling by the end of that one and had slowed down a bit as I felt I was overheating but 7.10 mm (3:34) pace again.

I actually stopped after this interval, stopped the timer for a bit, took my buff off my head and faced the cooling wind until I cooled down a bit - its probably not even that warm really but I'm so used to it being cold. I set off on the last interval and ran part of it into the wind which was just lovely and 7.12 mm (3:36)pace. Three out of four intervals were quite consistent, just one that was too fast.

I finished off with a bit of a jog along the beach before heading back to work. Nice to do a proper session again.


  1. good consistent work. i'm still scared of 800 repeats and have moved to hill reps instead-some how that's less frightening!

  2. I know! I'm planning on changing some of the intervals for hill reps when its light enough to get on the hills after work.

    I think its mentally easier for me as I'm not on a track so I'm continually moving forward, going round a track multiple times is really hard.