Thursday, March 19, 2009

Night Ride

After much faff on the motorways both trying to get to work and come home I nearly didn't go riding yesterday. I made myself get my stuff together, ate a couple fo mini egss and a bar and drove like a woman possessed to Riv (apart from where I got stuck behind the 20mph doddler from Limbrick on- there is always one!).

I finally rocked up at 6:55 pm, we were supposed to be setting off at 7 but when I got there everyone was still faffing so no worries. I was on the Titus again as not sure the On One brake is completely sorted yet and I actually wanted to complete the ride. I couldn't get my rear light on the seatpost, ah well cars will just have to flatten me or I'll make sure I'm not last on the road sections.

An easy bimble to set off with whilst others finish faffing and the trails are pretty dry and its warm!!!!!!!!!!! Shame its not daylight. Because it was such a nice evening most of the ride was done at chatty pace and I could actually ride my bike tonight rather than fall off it which was great.

We did the new bit of trail in Healey Nab which was interesting to say the least as I had no idea what it was like, I'm glad I had my Joystick on my head as it was quite twisty. There were a few drops that I had no idea waht was on the other side and as it was so twisty there were lights everywhere so I couldn't see exactly where it went or even if the track was still there. I loved the tight bermed corners though there was at least one where if you got it wrong you were off down a fair way. This was a good section for me as by the end of it I felt I was actually riding my bike rather than being a passenger.

I managed to get stabbed in the ear by a branch going up the rock step (one of these day I will stay away from the buch at the side of the track) and down into the gully which was reassuringly muddy. I was feeling pretty good actually and decided to attack the road hill, which was a a complete waste of energy as I just succeeded in pogoing the bike up and down. It made it harder than usual to get up the rest of that section.

Ed and Drew left us at the bottom of the climb up to the pigeon tower as time was getting on a bit. A nice social chat up to below the Pike then up the cobbles to the Pike itself. I took advantage of the rear suspension here and didn't have to push to get the back wheel over the cobbles. Up to the Pike then back down and along the track by the reservoir which has now had all the technical interest flattened out, shame.

Back to the car and it was nearly 10 pm, oops. I still had to feed my friends cats, make my tea, sort bike etc. I didn't finish my tea until 11:30 pm but as I was planning a long run tomorrow I knew I had to eat it.

What a difference dry trails and a warm night make.

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  1. 3hrs sounds like a long night ride, even if it was at a social pace.

    Sounds lovely (And this is from someone who doesn't like riding at night!)