Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lunchtime Run

Took my stuff to work with me to get out at lunchtime. It was nice in the morning so I thought I would maybe go out after work instead, then I remembered the forecast was for the weather to change in the afternoon.

I decided to do 8 miles at long tempo pace, around 8:50 ish. Lovely and sunny when I set off, a fair breeze too. I decided to run down to Lytham and back, I would have the wind in my face on the way back to work so I decided to do the outward part along the prom as its much more exposed then back through the the more built up and sheltered paths.

Legs felt ok and I settled into pace and pretty much stayed there. Running down the prom the sun was out and the wind was behind me, I was boiling. On the way back it clouded over and the wind picked up and I was verging on being cold. I was cold enough that I picked up the pace on the last couple of miles. I was generally sheltered from the worst of the wind but there were a couple of times when I turned to head towards the beach a little and I was almost blown to a standstill.

As it chucked it down in the afternoon I was pleased I had gotten out there.

8 miles at 8.43 mm. The splits show I was around the high 8.40 mark for 5 out of the 8 miles. The last two miles were faster due to the cold and my legs just feeling up for it but mile 4 was also quite fast as the wind was pushing me along, I was leaning back against it.


  1. so when are you doing your long run? ;)

  2. Hoping to on Saturday but if its too windy then it may have to be Sunday. Plan is for 15 then 18 then 20 (then legs fall off!). I have to sit down and work back from the Marathon to plan things in properly but I should be hitting major mileage in middle of April.