Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I learned something today...

Scoffing a custard filled doughnut close to a run does not a happy digestive system make. Bleurgh. It wasn't a very successful run, I only did about 3.5 miles in the end.

I was wearing the Wave Creations today to get some miles on them and they felt like a couple of bricks strapped to my feet, they feel nice and cushioned when walking but not when running. I can only surmise its because I land on my heel when walking and I don't as much when running. That was the first annoyance. I had forgotten my gloves so I had really cold hands and I was dressed for a spring run so I was a little chilly setting off.

The sun was glorious so I decided to head to the beach, I wasn't moving very quickly and after about 3/4 mile I realised why as the custard doughnut started repeating on me. I felt like I was going to be sick.

On the plus side when I got to the beach it was lovely, beautiful sunshine, cold wind though. There was a very, very black cloud further north but it didn't seem to be moving much. I faffed about on the beach a bit taking in the fresh air hoping the doughnut would digest. No such luck so decided to jog back to work, slowly.


  1. mmm, custard filled doughnuts...

  2. I used to try and eat some dinner whilst changing to go out for a run at lunch times. I soon learnt this wasn't a good idea.

    Now I eat my lunch very early, about 11ish. The trouble is I do this even if i'm not running!