Monday, March 2, 2009


I rode to work today, my quads were a bit sore from yesterdays run so it wasn't sensible to run. Due to falling off on Saturday I have various bruises dotted about on my legs which means I couldn't really get at them with the roller, another reason to stop falling off!

Ride in had a fair headwind for some of it, the last forecast I looked at had a Westerly for the morning but more of a South Westerly (i.e another bit of headwind) for the way home. Quite slow on the really open sections but I just spun the legs out, they weren't up for pushing.

When I got to work and reversing the bike into the cupboard I thought the rear wasn't rolling well, I picked it up and it wasn't spinning. I couldn't make up my mind if it was the brake or not but left it til the afternoon as I was hungry.

I missed the rain that came through for the ride home. I had a bit of a faff with the rear wheel before setting off. The Spesh has a very old pair of Hope C2s on it, as its a closed system you can back the pads off a bit (and if they stick on and heat up then they bind solid) but I couldn't get the dial to move so I jiggled the QR around a bit and that managed to make the wheel spin better.

Out on the road it seemed to be rolling fine and stayed ok for the whole ride. It was a bit of a headwind until Warton where it got more behind me. I was entertained on the Marsh Road as the Eurofighter was out to play, circling around over the marsh making a racket. It was a little distracting and I found myself drifting into the traffic lane, oops. Just as well there was a lull in the traffic, they don't hang around on this road.

It was fairly easy through Preston and home.

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