Sunday, February 15, 2009


Is not going quite as planned! Supposed to be heading off to the Dales with Pam, Ed and Jez for a 20 miler or so on the mountain bikes.

I felt really crampy and washed out this morning but got up as decided would just ride with Pam. Pam texted to say she wasn't coming as she did the Anglezarke Amble walk yesterday and here legs don't bend anymore. Ah, well I'll be alright if I take it easy at the start.

Then Ed rang to say he wasn't coming as he was shattered (fairly new dad! so lots of slack cut) so that was that. My inital reaction to this news was telling as normally I would be insisting we go anyway but I was quite relieved.

We did think about headin out somewhere local but decided against it as the rear pads on my On One appear to be completely worn and I seem to have no spares. So Jez is now in the process of fixing the Titus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New swingarm and bottom bracket bearings hopefully going on today.

Hooray! It'll be like having a new bike again as not ridden it since September last year. Though I have just been presented with a list of parts to order:

Granny Ring, Middle Ring, Chain and Cassette.


  1. Titus - nice! Everywhere was really muddy and foggy today so you didn't miss much by not riding locally.

  2. Its a fantastic bike, really looking forward to riding it again. It has 5 inches of travel so its nice sometimes to just float over stuff rather than bump over it on a hardtail.