Sunday, February 15, 2009

Titus almost fixed

After much swearing and banging the Titus has new bearings in the swingarm and in the bottom bracket. The old swingarm bearings were so worn they disintegrated before they could be removed and Jez had to use various means to get them out of the frame. It did add quite a bit of time to the job.

I was helping (hindering more like) by removing the old worn rings off the crank and for the first time ever I think I managed not to catch my knuckles on any of the teeth. I cleaned up a few parts then cleaned the worst of the crap off the Specialized, no point getting too precious about it but I did clean the drivetrain pretty well and got all the crud off and out of the mechs.

I just have to get a few parts then the Titus will be ready to ride, Jez can fit new drivetrain parts really quickly. I should try to make time to clean it before the cranks go back on as its easier to get into that part of the frame.

Jez also fixed the wheel bearings on his Yeti, which is only a five minute job but he'd been putting it off because he knew I would just go into nag overdrive if he had a full-suspension to ride and I didn't - cheeky! For the first time in ages it will mean we have a full complement of working bikes.


  1. Always nice when everything works.

    I always seem to have at least one bike that needs something attending to.

  2. My bikes all seem to need attending to at the same time, they work great for ages but then they all seem to need something doing around the same time. Think they plan it.