Friday, February 20, 2009

Lunchtime Run (Spring ?)

Before heading to work this morning I did a few core exercises (no wine bottles were harmed) to see what was really weak. As usual its the lower abs that are the worst, upper abs not too bad so lots of reverse crunches for me.

I headed out at lunchtime for an easy paced 6 to 7 miles and it was positively spring like. I ran without gloves and my shins saw daylight for the first time in months, I had forgotten my buff as well but that was ok today.

I had a really enjoyable run along the prom which was a little busier than normal due to half term, when I thought about dropping down onto the beach to run I decided against it as there were loads of kids and dogs running around so it was safer up on the prom.

I stopped by M & S on the way back to pick up some lunch.

6.6 miles at 8:50mm and a nice rest day tomorrow.

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