Friday, February 13, 2009

Lunchtime Road Ride

I am at home today as was supposed to be picking up my car, I also have an apppointment late afternoon so it was easier to work from home (again, just as well we are quiet at work at the minute). I decided to take advantage and do a bit of spin on the bike rather than my usual lunchtime activity of running.

I have been meaning to explore some roads out Longton/Bretherton/Eccleston way. To put together a shortish loop I could do of an evening (or lunchtime). I quickly plotted a route out on Memory Map to get an idea, then imported it to the Garmin. Should be around 22 miles.

Got roadbike down, kit ready (lot simpler just going running), blew dust off roadie (poor thing), lubed chain, air in tyres etc. Set off, saddle felt a little too low but whole bike felt weird as not ridden it for ages so left it for a while.

Enjoyed riding a bike without anything on my back or laden panniers. I did manage to lose the course within the first few miles, which was due to my quick plotting I think, I actually cycled the way I intended on going. I also lost it heading back form Eccleston as for some reason a load of waymarker flags or whatever they are were downloaded as well and it was impossible to make out the route/direction. I got myself back on course as I knew roughly where I was. I put the saddle up a little about half way round when I decided it wasn't just a case of getting used to the bike again, much better.

Being Friday afternoon, traffic was picking up a little when I got back towards Leyland.

It was really enjoyable, a good loop and some more roads to explore though I should have wore my windproof hat under my helmet rather than just a buff as I had a headache from the cold and I should have had more for breakfast. I missed my big bowl of breakfast porridge, I'll learn one day.

23.3 miles at 16mph.

It appears that my car is not going to be ready til Monday at the minute, which is a bit of a bind. I'm supposed to be racing XC tomorrow but Jez has made plans for tomorrow which require a car. B*gger.

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