Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Tempo Run

Today I had planned a 9 mile run at long tempo pace, around 9mm and I was going to stick to it this time and not try to run a bit faster. I keep forgetting I have the GNW Half on Sunday so I will be having a fairly chilled out run later in the week and resting Friday and Saturday (and Monday probably).

I was wondering how my legs would be after yesterdays mega commute. They were ok, just a little heavy and sluggish on hills. This wouldn't have been a problem in St Annes but I was at home and doing a much more undulating run so I did notice it. I ran in/around Cuerden Park, taking advantage of the daylight. As it was half term there were load of people milling around.

After a couple of miles I started to feel hungry. I ran around the periphery of the park until the main road (name escapes me now) that effectively splits the park in half. It has a bit of a downhill stretch where I absolutely caned it down, grinning all the way.

The grin was short lived when I realised that I had pounded my quads into submission, they seemed detached from me for a while after that. I was starting to really get hungry now and if I was being sensible I would have headed straight home by the most direct route but I was determined to plough on with 9 miles so took a more circuitous route back, getting hungrier and hungrier with every step.

I got back to Bamber Bridge and decided to run down the main street for a while to try to hit 9 miles (I was on for about 7 if I went straight back). It was briefly a bit easier to run on the flat tarmac but after a while I thought my stomach was going to collapse it was so empty, then the light headedness started (oops).

I decided (finally) just to head home, all I could smell was chips from the chippy I just passed and was seriously tempted to snaffle a kids chocolate bar as I ran past. I ran home in a stomach rumbling, cross eyed daze. I was so hungry I felt sick.

Luckily I had some food that only needed to be heated up in the microwave, couldn't shovel it in fast enough, times like this I really hate being such a slow eater.

Turned out it was 8 miles at 8:55 mm which was nicely on pace target, I think I would've collapsed if I tried to get the extra mile. I have been eating regularly all afternoon in an attempt to fuel up again.

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