Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bike bimbling

Legs were tired today so spent the day trying to catch up on some chores and picked up some shopping on the bike. I decided to go to Booths and take the slightly more scenic route to get 10 miles or so. Legs seemed to perk up after a few miles of cycling which was good.

Loads of people out and about on the tramway meant lots of dodging. A quick wander round Booths then heading back home. Its been a while since I've had fully laden panniers on the bike, I forgot about the extra weight and nearly dropped the bike when I stopped at the traffic lights. It does make for some interesting effects on the handling.

Home, 10.98 miles (CBA getting the last 0.02!). Unpacked the panniers to find that the cream had opened. The carton only had a foil lid, which had been pierced by something and about a quarter of the, thankfully small, carton had leaked. Lovely, serve me right for just chucking it in though.

I cleaned the cream covered food off and ended up pouring a load of hot water into the pannier, a good test of waterproofness, swirling it round and pouring it all back out to remove the cream.

I stretched my quads out a lot today, found a couple of large knots in the Rec Fem muscle on either leg and rollered them so hopefully they will be good to go tomorrow.

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