Friday, February 27, 2009

Attempt at Intervals

Thursday I had planned to do intervals at lunchtime. Nothing major, 5 x 2 mins to get my legs back into it again.

The warmup was ok, nice steady pace though I did think my legs were a little unresponsive, still not feeling sprightly but I thought I would give it a go and see how things went.

The first one was hard work, as it always is so I wasn't too worried but as it turned out this would be the fastest one. The second was a little slower and the third was slower still. As I normally find I am really getting into it by the third I took the hint and didn't do anymore.

I continued my run at a steady pace and my legs were ok with that, just over 7 miles in the end.

I realy hadn't factored in the recovery period from racing the half which was a little silly on my part though confirms I should keep it relativley light on the racing front for the next few months.

Today I decided to rest, I had thought about doing a short lunchtime run but I was planning an MTB ride on Saturday and a run on Sunday so I thought It would be better if I did nothing (I still brought my kit to work but didn't run in the end).


  1. 7 Miles!!
    Please tell me you didn't manage all this in just an hour.

  2. Not a chance! I can be reasonably flexible with my lunch time. The actual running would have been about an hour but that doesn't inlcude changing/showering on either side.