Thursday, February 19, 2009

Abandoned Night Ride

I had to abandon my ride last night due to a bit of a mechanical. We had been so focussed on the Titus that Jez only put the new pads on the On One last night before heading out, it took him a bit longer than it normally would as he said the brake was binding a bit, he couldn't get them the pads to retract any further (and he knows how much I throw girlie strops with binding brakes), but the wheel was reasonably free and we were late so just chucked everything in the car and set off to meet Ed and Stu.

I was feeling a bit tired (not surprisingly after yesterdays daftness when running). We set off and my legs felt dead from the off, I just settled into a nice spin and tried not to get phased by the fact the boys just rode away from me - we do regroup a lot so I wasn't too worried, its just been a while since I've felt that slow.

We headed out to Kay's farm then onto Heapey Fold Lane, a tiny bit of incline and I feel I'm starting to go backwards. I again don't try to fight it but drop the gears a bit and spin. The bike was feeling a little like the Spesh on Monday actually, a lot of resistance on the rear wheel. I still refused to allow the thought of a dodgy brake into my head and just convinced myself I was tired.

I was now quite a way behind and was wondering what I was going to do about the rest of the ride, how could I make it easier for myself and not hold the lads up too much. I passed two random young lads wandering about shouting into a mobile phone, no idea what they were up to. I started to notice a bit of a whine, the whine of a pad being constantly in contact with a braking surface but just trundled on, getting slower.

I finally caught up with the rest and apologised for holding them up, my legs just weren't up for it tonight. I was about to suggest they whizz round the Healey Nab loop whilst I did the shortened version (save a muddy climb). Jez asked to check the wheel and I wittered about it probably being fine, just my legs being tired.

Anyway he picked the rear wheel of the ground and tried to spin it and it moved about an 1/8 of a revolution and stopped. Ah! So it wasn't just me then. I decided to head back as the brake obviously needed some proper looking at. I did suggest Jez carried on but as the two lads went shouting by us again he decided to come with me.

An ok ride back, the squeal from the brake getting gradually louder. Anytime the road or track pointed upwards I went backwards but I was happy as it wasn't all my fault - though my legs were tired.

Once the bits are on the Titus and I have one working bike, Jez will hopefully get time to look at the brake. It may be the pistons need looking at ?


  1. When I had my hayes brakes, everytime I replaced the pads it took one ride to stop them rubbing! Hard work! The hopes are a lot better!

  2. I think they may need cleaning out properly, pistons felt a bit sticky. I was having a think these brakes are among the oldest MTB parts I own, think they are getting on for 6 years old. They are Hope Minis (not Monos) and I've never really had problems with them so can't complain really.

  3. Now this makes my rubbing mud-guards / notchy bearings seem trivial.

  4. it's called resistance training ;)

  5. You're not having a lot of luck with night rides!? But if the brakes are beyond repair you get the fun of maybe buying new kit and be able to be a gear geek while doing all the research on what to get. My contribution to that....I prefer my Magura Louises to my Hopes (mono minis).

  6. I am feeling a little bit jinxed! I didn't rate the mono minis much either, I find my original non-mono minis much better. I put mono M4's on the Titus in the end as I felt they were better at slowing me down.

    Hopefully they just need a bit of TLC as I've had a quick look at the price of new brakes (and I'd need a pair, can't have odd brakes)! There are rebuild kits for them and I can get a hold of new pistons etc. I'll await the verdict from my mechanic.