Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterday I Did Some Intervals - ouch!

With hindsight yesterdays interval session should have been swapped around with Thursday's planned tempo session but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I knew I was supposed to be doing three long intervals, longer than I've done before but I hadn't really registered how long. I had set the session up on the Garmin last week but it wasn't until I got to the prom to start the intervals that I realised what I was about to inflict on myself.

The run down was slow and stiff, my lower left leg feels quite battered (I ordered some new shoes yesterday) and I think the shoes need to be binned now but I have no other road shoes until the new ones arrive. I ran about 2.5 miles as a warmup just to ease my legs into it but they felt heavy. For the first time in a long time I got to the beach and the tide was nearly in. I listened to the roar of the sea for a while before heading up to the prom tarmac to begin the intervals.

I found the session on the Garmin and looked through it to make sure I had intervals and rest steps in and I noticed the length of the interval - 1600 metres. 1600 metres flys through my brain for a bit searching for some recognition and eventually I remember, 1600 metres is a mile!!!!!! OMG what am I trying to do to myself.

I'm supposed to do three repeats at 7:30 - 7:50 pace and I know I'm really going to struggle. I did seriously consider just going straight back to work but thought I'd give at least one a go. I set the workout going and off I went, I always have a 30 second building pace up before launching into full on intervals.

I was ok in the actual interval until the half mile mark then I started to really struggle. I was watching the distance climb very slowly and trying to maintain pace when it passed the mile and I slowed to a stop. The Garmin didn't stop and kept flashing messages at me to speedup. I was a bit confused about this as the distance was reading over a mile, then I realised that was cumulative distance not interval distance. I changed the screens and sure enough I was at 0.98 miles, grrrr! So I ran the last 0.2 mile and faffed about for three minutes resting, so not a great start.

The second one went much the same way though I got to 0.7 mile before the wheels came off though I did hang on for the whole thing. The pace wasn't great at 7:50 average but at least I didn't walk around too early. At the end of this one my lower left inner calf muscle was on fire so I decided not to do the third mile. I was a bit annoyed with myself at this but the first half mile of the jog back my left leg felt sore but it eased off a lot by the time I got to work so probably the sensible decision to make.

I have this session again in a few weeks time so I'll see if I can manage it then. Next week is biased to the tempo run (gulp!) but I think after that the interval session is 5 x 1K which may be more achievable initally than 3 x 1 mile even though its the same overall distance. We'll soon find out.

Thursday is to be 2 miles easy, 3 miles tempo (slower than 10k pace this time!) and 2 miles easy. Hopefully my new shoes will be here by then.

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