Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tempo Run

I did some more reading around my training plan, it turns out there are different interval paces and tempo paces. I'm not supposed to be trying to maintain the same pace for both a 400m interval as a 16oom interval or the same pace for a 3 mile tempo as an 8 mile tempo. Phew is all I can say! The paces are still quite hard though.

Today's run was to be 2 miles at an easy pace, 3 miles at tempo pace followed by another 2 miles at easy pace. As it is a short tempo run my pace is supposed to be my 10K pace, so 8:20 mm to aim for, still going to hurt though.

It is stupidly windy today but as payback for fighting the wind all the way home yesterday I'm going to do the tempo section of my run with the wind behind me.

I ran towards Lytham (and I think I actually got there!) as a warmup, very easy pace and into the wind. I ran about 2.4 miles in the end as after I left Ansdell I had to wait to get to the prom. I still don't have my new shoes but leg wasn't too grumpy. The tide was properly in, it was very windy but not enough to have waves smashing off the sea wall but enough that there were loads of kite surfers out today (brrrrrr, is what I thought, did look fun).

I had given myself a bit of extra distance to do the tempo and off I went at silly 7:05 mm pace for oh, about 20 seconds then I realised it was far too fast and I was about to die. I took full advantage of the wind, it was quite noticeable when I was sheltered from it as my pace dropped and I had to put some effort in! I had to keep slowing myself down, leaning back against the wind sometimes. It was still hard work but I managed all three miles in 24:01 so 8mm pace average. Which looks good but was entirely, wholly wind assisted. Still fun though.

Two mile jog back to work to ease the legs out. Just over 7 miles in total, quite a lot compared to most of my lunchtime runs and their not going to get any shorter.

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