Thursday, January 29, 2009

Short Evening Run

For the first time in a very long time work got in the way of my lunchtime run. I was in a (very informative for a change) meeting until just after 12 and by the time I came out I was starving as I hadn't had my mid morning slice of cake. I wasn't the only one, I could hear lots of rumbling tums in there.

I decided to go out in the evening, but for a short one. I'm feeling a little tired and constantly hungry so doing a hard tempo run wasn't high on my agenda today. After work I got changed, faffed a bit but then headed out the door. It felt weird to be running in the dark. I planned to do three miles, as that would take me to 100 running miles for the month (no wonder my legs feel battered).

My legs actually felt quite springy, I took it easier on the first mile, speeded up a little on the second and pretty much continued for the last. However, there were a few places where it was difficult to run due to rubbish streetlights, or non - working street lights. A couple of short hills as well to break things up a bit.

The last mile was through the centre of town so a bit of faff dodging people and crossing roads. I actually stopped running a little earlier than I intended (still over three miles) as for some reason none of the streetlights work near the entrance to my estate. I couldn't see the ground at all as my night vision was constantly disrupted by car headlights blinding me.

The mile splits:


I have to say the 8.29 felt really quite comfortable, maybe the intervals/tempo are starting to have an effect though its also likely to be the fact I was doing such a short run.

My plan is for a much needed rest day tomorrow then mountain biking in the Lakes on Saturday then some offroad running fun on Sunday before getting back to the serious business of road running again. As I'm a bit ahead of my plan I am intending repeating the last few sessions rather than ploughing on.

Consolidation, that's the word I was looking for.


  1. 100miles! That is serious mileage! Makes my 36 look a little low, although I will remind myself that you are training for a marathon and I am training for transwales!!! So hopefully I have done more bike miles than you ;)

  2. Exactly, I'm marathon training. My bike miles are nowhere near yours though at least they are over 200 which is my monthly target.

  3. Over 200 on the bike is good! You really get the hours in! Especially as you haven't done my trick on long road miles!

    I tend to look at time as I think it is more accurate, I have geeky graphs to compare ;)

    I won't tell Ali how much you have done, she is just over 50miles running and 70miles biking! She thinks I'm crazy!

  4. The majority of my bike miles are from my weekly commute, its a 35 mile round trip. I'm really enjoying it now as I bimble along on the flat, its a good antidote to running and mountain biking. I am surprised by the running mileage myself as I am running three times a week only.

    January is also a long month, it'll be interesting to see what happens in Feb.

  5. You are fast on your commute though! 35miles is fair old commute! be good for your legs though. The long runs soon add up!

  6. you must be feeling really strong at the moment. looks like the speed work is paying dividend. keep it up!

  7. I feel tired today! Hopefully a fun weekend of bog hopping and riding will leave me refreshed. I think the speedwork is paying off, I hope so, it hurts!

  8. Julbags... we are out most Sat and Sun on the road, if you've a road bike why not join us ?

  9. Wow.
    No wonder you find running up Winter hill easy.

  10. I never said running up winter Hill was easy, I said it would be easier than riding up it. Its still hard!