Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ride home

I decided to wear the overtrousers on the way home and I'm glad I did because it was really cold. It was already starting to frost up in St Annes at 5pm. They really are quite swishy but when I was stopping on the way home and faffing about for ages taking photos they really came into their own as the only part of me that ended up cold were my fingers as I took my gloves off to operate the camera.

I took a few light trail pictures (I'm such a sucker for them).

It looks like the orange light trail is trying to head skywards but it was only a car changing lane. After a few on the Marsh Road and a few on the roll down into Preston I thought I better get a move on before things froze any further. As I passed round the edge of the docks the water was utterly still, its so rare to see it like that. St Walburgs (I think) had a lovely reflection:

I had one more faff on the tramway bridge before trying to hermetically seal myself into my gloves and jacket to ride through the ice box and then home. I think I added over half an hour to my commute home and it was after 7pm when I got in and couldn't be bothered thinking about food. Luckily Jez had had an invite to meet up with some friends for a curry - so I pigged out on that with the obligatory pint of Kingfisher (so much for January healthy eating!).

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