Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More intervals

Yesterday I did the interval session I had postponed from last week. Not surprisingly it was hard but I did enjoy it, was a good idea not to do it last week though I would have been on my knees.

I was for 5 x 1K intervals, 400 metre recovery or as I couldn't be bothered changing the units on the Garmin 0.62 mile intervals and 1/4 mile recovery.

My legs still had some stiffness in them from Saturday so a slow two mile warmup. The first interval was by far the hardest, took me a while to wind my legs up. The fourth one was also slower as I had to slow right down to take a corner and dodge a dog that came flying out of the dunes to run next to me. It was just a pup so obviously a little overexcited but it was still a big dog (Old English Sheepdog I think) and nearly tripped me up.

I did all five ok, I could have probably managed a sixth if my life depended on it but was actually really glad to stop. I jogged back to work quite smoothly (but slowly) and suprisingly my legs felt great after hammering them.

Average paces for the intervals:

7.42 7.34 7.35 7.43 7.38

For once I didn't seem to have to constantly adjust the pace either, apart from the last one where I set off far too fast. Still not looking forward to doing a whole mile interval.

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