Monday, January 19, 2009


Just can't motivate myself to go out and do intervals in freezing, driving rain! I'm supposed to be doing 5 x 1k with 400 metre recoveries which isn't going to be the work of a moment with 2 mile warmup and cooldown on either side of that.

Supposed to be sunny by 3pm, believe it when I see it.

Tomorrow's forecast is looking ok so will do them then, rest of the week doesn't look particularly brill though - the wind! Will have to keep and eye on it but it may mean no riding to work this week , Thursday currently forecast for 58mph gusts.

It's just changed to sleet! Not feeling bad now!


  1. Snowing here, but don't think it will stick! I need motivation as well.

  2. We had rare snow here in St Annes briefly. Now heavy rain again. Lots of snow in Edinburgh according to my mum. Think a rest day is in order, its minging outside!