Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice free commute

Hurrah. I decided to ride in today after not getting out last night and according to the forecast it was due to stay above freezing overnight then get really cold again on Thursday night (not sure its going to now but hey ho) so today was seemingly the best choice.

It was wet on the roads on the way in but no ice at all so no slides of any description. I also wore the paclite bottoms for the first ride of any real length today and they were ok, no sweating madly at all and not restrictive. There was a constant swish swish of the fabric but that was mainly drowned out by traffic noise so they may turn out to be the good investment I hoped.

They do look like clown trousers on me though, particularly when I've got the lower legs cinched up. They do look better when on the bike (as most bike kit does) but they fit well round the thigh so unless my stumpy legs lengthen by an inch or so I'll just have to look ridiculous standing around in them.

They did a very good job of keeping the wind off my knees even if there was no real rain today, I felt toasty all the way to work. My knees are usually the bit of me that gets most cold commuting as my tights aren't windproof. Not sure if I'll wear them on the way back home tonight though, depends how cold it is.


  1. I wear knee warmers under my tights, works a treat! Otherwise my knees get cold and then I get knee problems!

  2. After the ride home in the freezing cold I'm convinced they are fab. Lovely and toasty legs all the way even when I was faffing taking photos and great for general shopping duties and probably hill walking too. I won't wear them on a proper road ride (too swishy) or offroad as I will fall off on them but for commuting I'm a convert.

    The knee warmer thing is a good idea though for "proper" rides, I think I have a pair somewhere.