Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I did some intervals!

...though not the session I was supposed to be doing. It was glorious this morning and I was determined to get out for a run even though I just wanted to stuff my face with chocolate today, I had some new shoes to try.

I decided to swap this weeks and next weeks shorter runs around. This week was supposed to be an interval session of 5 x 1K with a four mile run at tempo later in the week. Next weeks intervals were listed as 2 minutes hard followed by 2 minutes easy repeated 5 times, which sounded much more palatable though they would have to be done around 7:35 pace being so short. Thursday's tempo run is supposed to be 7 miles at tempo pace but I'll worry about that on Thursday.

I have bought two new pairs of running shoes, some Mizuno Wave Riders (my normal shoe) for the shorter and faster runs and a pair of Mizuno Wave Creations for the longer runs. The Creations have more cushioning on the forefoot so should hopefully be good for the long runs. I had the Riders today and dazzlingly white they are.

As I got out of site I jogged one direction, then the next to try to decide which way the wind was coming from. I figured mainly westerly so it didn't really matter which way I ran so I headed south to Lytham. I did a 2.5 mile warmup and I started to get into it. The wind was very strong (bracing actually) and pretty much side on, possibly a little behind sometimes which is always interesting. It feels like running whilst someone is trying to push you out of the way. After a couple of miles in the new shoes I realised how buggered the old ones really were, I had springy shoes again.

The first interval was over before I knew it, one of the advantages of doing longer ones I suppose. Two minutes dawdling then off again, the second was much harder work as I had to turn into the wind for a while but again it was over really quick and I was loving my new shoes. The other three fast intervals passed just as quickly. It was just a nice run back to work after that, I felt so much better.

The average pace for the intervals:

7.44 (wind)

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