Friday, January 2, 2009

First Run of the Year

I finally actually did some exercise today. I did take (almost) all my running kit up to Scotland with me and I was all set to go out for a 6 - 8 mile run near my folks house on Hogmanay but I forgot my sports bra. Not a chance I can run without it unless I want to do myself some damage so I stropped around their house for a while instead.

I managed to survive Hogmanay reasonably intact for a change, despite not going to bed until 6:30 am yesterday due to talking nonsense with friends all night. I was too busy talking to be consuming stupiud amounts of alcohol it would seem. Jez gave up around 3am and had already been awake for a few hours before I surface around 2:30 pm. I knew I had been drinking but just felt tired rather than hungover.

We had been thinking about staying with my folks until the 2nd or 3rd but as we were feeling fine we decided to drive down on the Ne'er Day instead. My parents are smokers and everyone else that we were around on Hogmanay was a smoker and it had started to really get to me. I was wheezing a little and my chest was feeling tight so we decided to drive down.

I had a productive afternoon cleaning and disinfecting the greenhouse (which I didn't do last year as I thought it would be really messy) which took a few hours. There was a little frog in there which made me jump when I saw it hop around the floor. I moved it out of the greenhouse before starting the cleaning, not sure Jeyes fluid agrees with frogs.

I set off for my run at 3:30 pursued by the smell of Jeyes (I can still smell it on my hands even after a long shower and several hand washes, though it is better than the smell of cigarette smoke).

I did just over 5 miles and my left calf and achilles feel disturbingly tight. I had intended on kicking off the long road based runs I will have to do over the next few months but think I'll run offroad tomorrow instead though it will probably be shorter than my planned 10 miles or so.

I could feel a definite wobble all round the legs/thigh and belly area. Time to get the miles in on both bike and foot.

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