Friday, January 23, 2009

Cycle Commute In

I didn't expect to ride in this week as the forecast earlier in the week was so bad. Last night it looked like the wind wouldn't be as strong (I'll take 20mph as a bit of a breeze) and there shouldn't be much rain so I decided to get my stuff ready.

I was a little tired waking up this morning after yesterdays run but when I looked out the window the trees weren't being bent double and no rain was lashing to I got dressed and out. There was rain for a while as I was heading out of Preston but I didn't really care due to the head to ankle paclite, how did I ever survive without it? The wind was right in my face for most of the ride so it was slow progress at times, I didn't try to push as I'd had quite a hard day yesterday.

It took me 1:14 to get to work this morning but I enjoyed it and it was almost light enough that I could have switched the main light off at Warton. Fingers crossed the wind stays westerly and I get blown home.


  1. About 17.7 miles each way, varies a little depending on exactly which route I take but around that.

  2. not bad going at all then, considering the weather. enjoy the trip home!