Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aborted Night Ride...I'm such a muppet

There was much discussion today about whether we would go out riding and where, would it be too icy etc. Abbey Village was discounted in favour of Riv and even though it got minging later I agreed to go and I dragged Jez with me.

We got there, it was black as the ace of spades due to cloud but roads were ok on the way over. It was only Jez, Stu and I who were riding in the end and Stu was a few minutes late (but early for Stu). We sat in the car looking at the minging cold night that I'd insisted we come out in, waiting.

Stu arrived, out we got and started getting everything ready....except I'd forgotten to put in the battery for Jez's light, oops-a-daisy. Sorting the lights and batteries etc was my responsibility and I can distinctly not remember chucking Jez's battery in the kit bag. I had put my own in though. Just to make things worse I had asked Jez to check whether my lamp was on the bars of my On One as I couldn't find it.

I briefly entertained the idea of riding myself and getting a lift back with Stu while Jez went home but as it was my mistake and I'd dragged him all the way out there I insisted he took the battery (we both have the same style of Light and Motion HID) and went riding. Judging by the look that flashed across his face I could see he didn't think this was the act of selfless charity that I did. Though he got over it and got ready while I packed up and headed home.

As I was writing this I got a phone call from Jez to say they were finished after less than an hour! Turns out Stu had fallen off in the first 400 metres and if you looked closely (as in fall on your face onto it close) the mud was actually hiding lots of ice. They bimbled around a few of the lower level tracks before deciding it was too icy to do much else.

So I didn't miss much but at least I was willing to go out there!


  1. Sorry you didn't get your ride, frustrating forgetting kit.

  2. For the best though, if they can't stay upright on ice then I've no chance.