Saturday, December 13, 2008

Slop Slop Sloppity Slop

That's what I was running in today, interspersed with a lot of puddle infested hardpack trail for an XC race. I made it along to the Blackpool round of the MidLancs XC series this afternoon. I took both trail shoes and walsh fell shoes as I'd heard there was a lot of track at this one but when I turned up and saw the mudbath that was the field it was the Walsh's that were put on. It was very wet, lots of standing water on the car park I abandoned the car in.

I managed to get covered in mud just walking around, looking at the kids running round they were as filthy as they would be if they'd tried to cycle on it without mudguards, mud just flying everywhere.

A very short warm up, no where near enough but it was cold and I was sliding around a lot anyway rather than running. It was raining again byt the time the ladies race was ready to go. Another fast start but I held back a little as it was hard running all the soft mud but I managed to stay in touch with a few other ladies running which always helps. There was a lot of hardpack (with deep puddles) which was quite fast and didn't feel too bad running in the Walsh's though there was a short section of tarmac that was quite odd due to studs squirming (I went back onto the sopping grass quickly).

The course was around Marton Mere and also passed around the edge of a static caravan park which I wasn't expecting. I was glad to finish and felt a little better this time round though I was quite hungry for the last mile which wasn't ideal. The last section back to the finish was really hard work, it reminded me of Coniston trail race it was that wet and sludgy.

3.6 miles in 30:51, I was 50th out of 78 ladies so a bit of an improvement. I didn't bother putting my trousers back on, no point as my tights were so covered in mud (I realised the benefits of wearing shorts, baltic or not). I watched the men's race for a while until I started to shiver then headed home, heating on full blast in the car.

When I got home I very carefully took my muddy boots off and out them near the radiator to start drying out and managed not to get any mud anywhere. I walked upstairs but hadn't realised exactly how thick the crust of mud was on my tights and proceeded to scatter mud all over our biege bedroom carpet. I then compounded the error by not leaving it to dry and getting the hoover on it, which just succeeded in rolling it into the carpet or streaking the mud, sigh.

Had to have a go at it with the carpet cleaning foam, will need another go shortly.


  1. good effort in those conditions! what was the winners time?

  2. A jaw droppingly fast 22:08! I watched some of the men's 10K race and they had two laps, some lads were just heading out on their second lap as the lead man was finishing.