Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ribble Valley 10K Road Race (Sunday 28th)

I entered this race to make me do something over the festive period, I tend to give in to eating and drinking (and this year playing Mario Kart on the Wii for hours) around Christmas and New Year.

I didn't have any hopes of a time for it as I had done nothing since the 23rd run wise and I also figured it would be a much more undulating course than Wesham as it was in Clitheroe.

I got there in plenty of time, picked up number and was determined to warm up properly so once I was finished all the admin faff I set off to run the last mile of the course (reverse direction) then run back again. This went well, a little sluggish at first but I felt better on the run back. It also gave me knowledge of the last mile of the race, which had a nice amount of downhill but a very cheeky hill right in the finishing straight.

There were some public toilets near where I was parked so I made a pitstop in them on the way back to my car rather than queue at the race HQ. I think it was still around 10:45 am when I was doing the final faff at the car thinking I had loads of time still to get to the start.

I thought the race started where it finished, err no! I heard someone say that they needed to get a move on because the start was a fair way away. So I set off running to the start, and kept running and running.....3/4 of a mile later I arrive at the start where just about everyone else is already lined up. What an eejit!

I get a minute or two to compose myself then it was pretty much straight off. I wondered how I was going to cope having done the best part of 3 miles as a warmup, my legs felt like jelly for the first mile.

It was a closed road course which was good, it also had a field of about 1000 runners which is probably the biggest field I have raced it. It meant there was always someone to pace off all the way round, I never bothered with my Ipod.

I took it easy for the first 5k then speeded up a bit as I felt good and thought I was probably taking it a little too easy. I only checked my pace a few times and never paid attention to the time until I saw it as I climbed that bloody hill into the finishing straight.

I got round in 52:21 so not too bad, I enjoyed the run which is the main thing and a three mile warmup may not be such a bad thing in future! I forgot to change the Garmin to km so my splits are in miles but it was (can see what effect that last hill had):

00:08:34 6.99mph 8.70mph 169bpm 180bpm
00:08:40 6.92mph 8.13mph 176bpm 181bpm
00:08:34 6.99mph 8.50mph 176bpm 179bpm
00:08:15 7.27mph 8.25mph 179bpm 182bpm
00:08:00 7.50mph 8.45mph 179bpm 181bpm
00:08:03 7.45mph 8.95mph 180bpm 184bpm
00:02:11 7.13mph 8.56mph 184bpm 186bpm

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