Monday, December 1, 2008

Rest Day Today!

I spent most of Saturday afternoon engaged in calorie manufacturing (pastry, ice cream, mince pies assembly) and stood on my feet. I was tired in the evening as had decided to take it easy on Sunday.

Sunday was a gorgeous cold day so I decided to walk into town to do some little bits of Christmas shopping. I thought it might be icy and decided against the bike and got the SLR to take some pictures of the frostiness. I took the less direct route into town and took a few pictures along the way, walked around town for a while then walked the same way home. Most of the path was ok, I slipped on two black ice patches at the start but the tramway bridge was lethal, very icy

I then spent the rest of the afternoon on my feet again sorting various bottles of Cranberry vodka out and lots of other stuff. I was knackered by 6pm and my legs felt sore - I walked about 8 miles in all heading to and from town - so much for an easy immobile Sunday.

It was really frosty this morning and my calves were really tight when I woke up. I got my running kit together in case I felt like a short run at lunchtime. I actually had to scrape the car the frost was so thick, even the heated screens took a while to clear. I was almost at Jct 32 when I realised my works pass was still in my pannier from Friday! I decided to turn back an get it and headed down to Preston rather than the M55, big mistake, lots of traffic queueing to get into Preston and I was stuck in it.

I got home again, got out the car and my legs were now really stiff, picked up my pass and headed back to work now driving on diesel fumes and if I stopped to get more I would be even later in.

I'm having a rest day today!


  1. Yes I had to scrap Ali's mums car this morning before she headed home. It is cold out!

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  3. Mis read that, thought you meant scrap rather than scrape, hee hee! I hate scraping cars and it took ages this morning.