Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Muddy Run

I found some mud to run through in St Annes yesterday, made a nice change from tarmac or sand. I took my kit to work to do a bit of a lunchtime run and thought about having an explore of some of the tracks/bridleways south of Queensway. I had a look on the satellite image of the area on Fetch and could see I could make a loop out of them from work.

I did wobble for a while when I thought I couldn't be bothered but our office seemed to be stiflingly hot so if nothing else I wanted to get out into some fresh air for a while. The tracks were flat as a pancake not surprisingly but it was nice to be running alongside fields, very quiet. The tracks were generally muddy and grassy bridleway, some really soft sections were really entertaining in road shoes.

I think there are plans in the pipeline to put a big housing development in this area which is a shame. The ground seems to be a complete swamp though so they are going to have to spend an absolute fortune sorting the drainage out, do not buy a house here!

I eventually picked up the track through the little woodland and popped out by the crematorium onto millionaires row and back to work. It was four miles at about 9mm pace, definitely a good decision to get out there. I can do a little bit more exploring but I should be able to get some nice loops out this way.

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