Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Stupidity

I managed to misplace my car key (and house keys) for a short time this evening. Nothing too dramatic when put like that but I misplaced them in my car, which I'd just parked up after driving home and hadn't gotten out of yet. Luckily Jez was already home so I could go into the house and pick my little Joystick up and come out and look for them.

I found them on the floor behind the passenger seat!???? I am surmising that I took them out of the ignition (which I really cannot remember doing at all) and put them on my jacket on the back seat but forgot and pulled the jacket out and they've fallen off onto the floor and I really cannot remember doing anything with them.

If I'm this bad now what am I going to be like when I'm a pensioner, I already struggle with packaging, my 76 year old nana can open stuff better than me.


  1. Glad its not just me that does things like this!

  2. Last week I stressed an entire three hour flight over having forgotten my partner's Polar Heart rate Monitor wrist unit at a friend's house. I could remember having put the watch on my friend's kitchen table while packing up my bike (mind you that was in Melbourne and we live in Brisbane!) but was convinced I had forgotten it there as I could not recall putting it in my bag. It turned out that it had made it into my bag miraculously.

    This happens to me quite regularly. It’s scary.

  3. Its the complete memory blank I hate, but at least its not just me!